Travel and Research Awards

Cognitive Science is happy to offer travel and/or research awards to students and postdocs affiliated with the Cognitive Science program.

To be eligible, undergraduate students must be in the Cognitive Science undergraduate minor, graduate students must have signed up for the graduate minor in Cognitive Science, and postdocs need a brief note from their advisor (who must be a member of the Cognitive Science field) stating that they are actively engaged in cognitive science-related research.‚Äč

Graduate students MUST attend Cognitive Science colloquia, symposia, and/or other events organized/sponsored by the Cognitive Science program. In addition, grad students are expected to give a 15-minute talk (10/talk, 5/Q&A) about their research at the end of the school year, as part of the Grad Convo Info Blitz luncheon.

 The graduate research funding initiative is available to all cognitive science grad minors or, with consideration, non-cognitive science students involved in cognitive science research. Please note: There is a $1,000 cap on all requests. Full support is not guaranteed. One research application per student per academic year is allowed.

Travel support is available for up to two first-authored presentations per academic year of which only one may be a poster presentation. The Cognitive Science travel grants cover a portion of the expenses for transportation, accommodations, and conference registration up to a maximum of $500 for travel within North America and $1,000 for travel outside of North America, with a cap of $1,000 per student per academic year. [Please note, there is a cap of $500 for poster travel.] The program welcomes workshop applications. The application for travel funding must be received by the program manager at least one month prior to travel.

For more information, please contact Julie Simmons-Lynch, program manager of Cognitive Science at Cornell at