Courses - Summer 2021

COGST 1101 Introduction to Cognitive Science

This course provides an introduction to the science of the mind.  Everyone knows what it's like to think and perceive, but this subjective experience provides little insight into how minds emerge from physical intities like brains.  To address this issue, cognitive science integrates work from at least five disciplines: Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Linguistics, and Philosophy.  This course introduces students to the insights these disciplines offer into the workings of the mind by exploring visual perception, attention, memory, learning, problem solving, language, and consciousness. 

Distribution: (KCM-AS, ETM-AS)
Academic Career: UG Instructor: Hamid Turker (hbt7)
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COGST 1111 Making a Difference by Design

This course provides a broad overview of design applied various disciplines, scales, and problem contexts, and how design can offer an alternative, and often more human-centered perspective towards solving the problems around us. With a focus on designing with a human-centered mindset in this age of technology, we will examine topics on the role of design in wearable computing, virtual and tangible interfaces, robotics to biology. We will also apply the lens of design to issues on sustainability, healthy environments, diversity and inclusion, and designing for social good. Each week, through case studies and familiar examples, DEA 1110 explores how designing is part of every discipline.

Academic Career: UG Instructor: Nooshin Ahmadi (ne237)
Brooke Hollis (rbh25)
Heather Kolakowski (haf3)
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COGST 1500 Introduction to Environmental Psychology

Environmental Psychology is an interdisciplinary field concerned with how the physical environment and human behavior interrelate. Most of the course focuses on how residential environments and urban and natural settings affect human health and well-being. Students also examine how human attitudes and behaviors affect environmental quality. Issues of environmental justice and culture are included throughout. Hands-on projects plus exams. Lecture and discussion sections. DEA 1501  - Writing in the major (WIM) option also is available (by instructor permission) for 4 credits.

Distribution: (SBA-AS, SSC-AS)
Academic Career: UG Instructor: Elena Sabinson (es963)
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COGST 2230 Intro to Behavioral Neuroscience

Introduction to psychology from a biological perspective, which focuses on brain mechanisms of behavior. Topics include the structure and function of the nervous system, physiological approaches to understanding behavior, hormones and behavior, biological bases of sensation and perception, learning and memory, cognition, emotion, and communication.

Distribution: (PBSS-AS, BIO-AS)
Academic Career: UG Instructor: Emanuel Mora Macias (ecm224)
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