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Yue Gao

Computer Science

Yue is interested in the field of machine learning, computer vision, and cognitive science. Her research motivation is to understand human cognitive process and embed this knowledge into machine learning models. She is particularly interested in Bayesian nonparametric and generative graphical models to understand the temporal and latent structure of the data.

Rebecca Helm

Law, Psychology, and Human Development

Rebecca’s work focuses on using psychology and neurobiology to understand criminal behavior and how legal procedural rules can prevent wrongful conviction and harsh sentencing (particularly of defendants with abnormal mental states).

Ethan Jost


Ethan researches plasticity, reorganization, and right hemisphere contributions to language function in brain tumor patients. He also studies how statistical learning and other basic cognitive processes underlie language learning and processing.

Andrew Jefferson

Developmental Psychology

Andrew works on developing and assessing the impact of educational video games, applying and testing theories of motivation and knowledge construction with their designs.

Carissa Kang

Human Development

Carissa works with Dr. Barbara Lust in the Language Acquisition Lab and Dr. Tamar Kushnir in the Early Childhood

Cognition Lab. Her main interest is bilingualism and cognitive advantages in preschoolers.

Jessie Bee Kim Koh

Human Development

Jessie’s research investigates the mechanisms underlying the development of the extended self in social-cultural contexts and the implications for children’s social and emotional outcomes. Jessie was the recipient of 2013 Cognitive Science @ Cornell Fellowship Award.

Jixing Li


Jixing is interested in speech processing and production, using both experimental and computational methods. She studied phonetic characterization of disfluency, and is now examining syntactic complexity and brain activation.

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David Lutz

Computational Linguistics

David studies the production, perception, and comprehension of speech prosody and its effect on language processing.

Carol Rose-Little


Carol’s research is focused on syntax, morphology and semantics. Much of her work is based on data from the Algonquian language, Mi’gmaq. She began fieldwork in Mi’gmaq in 2011 and has been spending summers in the Mi’gmaq First Nations community of Listuguj (Quebec) since 2012. More recently, she traveled to Chiapas, Mexico to research the Tumbala dialect of Ch’ol, a Mayan language. There she lived in the ejido of San Miguel and conducted fieldwork on how the animacy of nouns influences Ch’ol syntax.

Todd Snider

Todd studies the semantics and pragmatics of natural language and is interested in adapting tools and techniques from other fields, including artificial intelligence and game theory.

Kedarnath Vilankar


Kedar studies computational perception, efficient visual coding, and natural scene statistics in Dr. David Field’s lab.